So... last Thursday I took the kids to McDonalds to play.  I'm going to tell this story, not to scare everyone away from McD's, just as a warning and a reminder about protecting our kids.

Rylee had a nail on her thumb that had peeled back a bit and while she was playing, she ran through and caught her nail on one of the nets.  It started bleeding and we put a bandaid on it.  Over the next few hours, she developed a cold sore.  That night, the cold sore had grown larger and I made some calls to some nurse friends from church.  They told us what med to go get (I've never had one) and Jason headed to the store, with Rylee in tow, hoping that the pharmacist might confirm it.  The pharmicist said, yes, looked like one.

The next morning, she woke up with her lip completely covered in blood.  Her thumb was swollen a bit and starting to bruise.   We didn't really think the two were related though because, afterall, her lip was just a cold sore...

On Saturday her lip was just getting worse.  Her thumb was starting to get worse.  That night, her lip was black, her thumb was black.  Every open wound (bug bites, scratches, paper cuts, etc.) on her body was blistering and oozing pus.  We headed to the ER.

They said it looked like staph infection, wrote her a prescription and sent us on her way.  (Sunday, Jason and I went to Physicians Immediate Care and both got shots in the rump due to severe strep).

Monday morning I called Dr. Bumpus' office.  They told me that the hospital was treating her for MRSA and that we basically should have her quaranteened.  I was extreeeeeeeemely agitated by this.  I told them I had 4 kids and they didn't say a word about keeping her away from anyone.

I was also freaked out because we had a family friend who died from MRSA less than 3 months ago and now my 5yr old had it?

Dr. Bumpus took a culture from her thumb and sent us for blood work to find out exactly what's going on.  She's continuing the meds prescribed by the hospital.  Luckily, she has her doubts that it's actually MRSA and thinks it's probably impetigo (which is still a staph infection).  Impetigo, while ugly, disgusting and highly contaigous, is much more easily treated.  It's also contains the staph virus AND the strep virus... which is explains how dh & I got such a severe strain of strep out of clear blue).

And all of this started from her little thumb wound at McD's.

So, that's my warning.... please please PLEASE make sure your kids wear socks in the playplace.  I'd even say, make them wear pants if they are going to play in there.  And ALWAYS wash their hands very thoroughly before and after they play on it.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:37 PM horrible!  poor thing, i hope she feels better soon!  Hate to know whats lurking behind the scenes there....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:01 PM


Wow I am so sorry to hear about your family being sick. I hope everyone gets better soon and I will definitely make sure Parker has pants on and washes his hands on our next Mickie 's trip. Thanks for the info. Get well soon ! Tammy

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Feb. 19, 2009 at 11:18 PM

My son played at a park and developed Scalded skin staph infection and almost died. He was hospitalized for 8 days. And all of the skin on his body peeled off. The dr said he contracted from the playground. I was horrifed! I know exactly how you feel.

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