Last night, Cassie fell asleep earlier than normal.  She only had a 30 minute nap, and she climbed on my lap, I gave her the paci, and no joke....30 seconds she was OUT!!  It wasn't even 8:30pm yet!  She usually falls asleep around 10pm or so.  Anyway, David and I sat at the computer and had some down time.  Usually I am sitting here on the computer playing or talking away, and he has the remote watching some show on TV.  Well, last night, we decided to play Yahoo Monopoly.  We bought it for $19.99 a year ago because we enjoyed the trial game.  Well, we hardly ever played, and since we had some time to spend alone, we both decided we would play.  We have never had so much fun just sitting at home.  We played against 2 computer players and the game lasted 2 hours.  Of course I was out of the game early, but it was wonderful to sit and cheer David on against the 2 computer players.  Eventually, he won, but it was so nice to spend time together with no kids around!!  Then when we went to bed, we laid there and talked.  Cassie sleeps with us (no bashing, we are working on getting her in her own bed again) and she was asleep between us.  We both laid there talking, looking at her, and just were so thankful for our wonderful relationship!!  We did meet on the internet and knew each other for a year, talked on the computer and phone, before we decided to meet in person.  I WOULD NOT advise everyone to do this, but it really worked for both of us!  And today, I feel so much closer to David.  It was wonderful to lay in bed next to the man I am so much in love with and share thoughts, dreams, wishes, and not have to worry about sex or making love.  We held hands on Cassie's back and both kissed her good night and rolled over and went to sleep. 

I LOVE moments like that, and wish we could have them more often.  Maybe it will happen more often, now that we had that special time together.  And I wouldn't trade David for any other man alive. He is truly my sole-mate!  And I am so much in love with him!! 

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