My husband and I went away to Lancaster Pa for the weekend alone! No kids just us for three whole days it was so wonderful, we shopped and saw a play and went to restaurants that didn't have drive thru's we walked in antique stores and even did a walking ghost tour one night!! It was like a mini honeymoon!! So relaxing and fun to have him all to myself sometimes we forget to take that time as a couple instead of just being parents.  But this weekend was like a renewal of your being a couple who loves each other and spending time together we laughed alot and talked about everything and nothing we spent the late nights on our private balcony looking at the stars and sipping wine and to top off a great trip one in which my DH said yes to everything I wanted to buy, we had a couples message at the spa before we headed home to the kids!!!

It was so wonderful I am thinking we need to make this a yearly thing to recharge the spark!! I swear we fell in love all over again or maybe we just had a chance to remember the reasons we did in the first place!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:58 PM I'm jealous! My DH and I have been together for 12 years (married almost 9) and we've only been away together once...about two years ago, for five days. It was Heaven! My kids are really young...and I know we'll have time later on in life to enjoy each other, but I wish we could manage more one on one time too! Glad you had fun!

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