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As a member of CravingCash you will get paid to complete offers, fill out surveys, try free products and refer your friends to the website. We will also give you $3 just for signing up for the site!

How is this possible? Companies and Advertisers need consumers to review their services, products, websites and need their opinions via. surveys. Due to the Telemarketing laws, companies are willing to pay us for our time and information. We then pass roughly 75% of this back to you, our members.

Your earning potential is unlimited here at CravingCash. What easier way to earn real CASH then sitting at your computer desk? New offers are added regularly.


- You must be atleast 13 years old
- Only 1 account per household is allowed. Violation will result in the termination of your account.
- United States/Canada members only. (This may change in the coming weeks/months).
- You must fill out all fields in the registration form.
- No Proxy Servers
- You must verify your phone number in order to Withdraw your monthly earnings.

Earn unlimited income with Referrals!

-1st level referrals: 15% of Cash
-2nd level referrals: 5% of Cash
-3rd level referrals: 2% of Cash

Additional info
Your account will be credited the cash for your referrals as soon as their offers have been approved.

Earn Points in additional to cash to redeem for prizes!

For each offer you complete, you will receive 1-25 points. You can redeem these points for prizes such as Gift Cards, Electronics, Cash and more!

Payment Information:

Craving Cash members who have reached the minimum payout by the end of the month are payed between the 25th of the following month and 5th of the second month.

If you earn $15 and request payment on Jan. 30th, you will receive your payment between February 25th and March 5th. Your payments will always arrive in a timely manner.

Payments are sent via. Check or Verified PayPal.

June is full of Contests/Promotions. Be sure to take advantage now!
Win $1.00 for Every 7 offers approved! June 2nd - 4th.
For every 7 offers that you have approved, we will add an additional $1.00 to your account balance!
This promotion can be won an unlimited amount of times.
This contest is valid for all offers

June Referral Promotion. Anyone can win an unlimited amount of times!
Refer 25 active members and we will add $50.00 to your account balance!
This can be won an unlimited amount of times!
That means if you were to refer 50 active members, we'd add $100.00 to your account and so on.

June Referral Contest. Paying 4 spots in Cash/Prizes!
Refer the most members in the month of April and receieve the following cash prizes.
1st Place: $30.00
2nd Place: $15.00
3rd Place: 35% 1st level referral commission in May
4th Place: 25% 1st level referral commission in May

Here's proof that Craving Cash pays:

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