So yesterday we were going to have a family meeting with Bella'a doctors in the NICU, but before we got there we got a phone call at 7 A.M. saying that she got really sick on Sunday night and had to be put back on CPAP and antibiotics and that she has NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) which has the potential to be very serious and if it gets bad enough requires surgery to fix(which also means a transfer to Children's Hospital in Boston). So, when we got to the meeting her doctor told us that she thinks that it was caught early enough but it is too early to tell and that they were going to do x-rays of her belly every 4 hours to make sure that the condition wasnt getting any worse. And that they were going to put her back on intravenous nutrition and take her off of breastmilk completely while they are treating her. So, after we finished with the meeting and visited her for a while, we left. When I went back this morning to see her, they were just starting a blood transfusion on her to help her get rid of the infection but her doctor said that she was doing much better today with her breathing and that she was going to just try antibiotics for 10 days and continue the belly x-rays until midnight and then start them (x-rays) again on thursday because she seemed to be doing okay and the NEC wasnt any worse than yesterday. I am hoping that she is going to just get better, but everyone seems to be focusing on the worse case scenario (my mom, my brother, his brother etc.) and it is starting to get me even more worried and stressed than I already am. Well, that is it i think. Time to head up that way again to visit my Bella.

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