At Christmas time Paul was having some major problems at school. He was not doing his work,  not obeying, not waiting his turn, innapropraite touching and hitting, and  yelling at other kids. We decided to have a little "emergency session" of the IEP panel on Jan 2nd.

Over the Christmas holidays we started Paul on Methyl B-12 injections and Chelation Therapy.

Paul's IEP committee met with me on Jan 2nd. No one had an idea clue what to do with Paul. We brainstormed and also met and phoned each other over the  next few months. We schedule an autism specialist on May 13th to come meet Paul and make some recommendations.

During the time between Paul's January IEP and May 13th, I had been getting reports of paul's improvements in all areas at school. We had already noticed improvements in sociability,behavior and cognitive ability at home. Also he was more patient and had less obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Toady we had the big final IEP meeting to discuss the autism specialist's reccomendations and to finalize the plan and schedule for next year because Paul will be starting middle school.

When I got to the meeting each member had a story to tell me about how much Paul has improved over the past 2 weeks since starting HBOT. The committee is made up of Paul's teacher, Special ed director/teacher, School counselor, principal and the director of special services for the entire district. Quit an impressive group of people telling me they see the big changes in Paul.

Good news~ about half of the recommendations the autism specialist recommended are now put on hold. We are going to hold a special IEP meeting one week before school starts and are expecting to "Raise the bar."

This wonderful group of professionals were all yawning when we started the supplements and various bio-medical treatments 2 years ago.

We're raising awareness and "Rocking the boat"  ~ as my friend Rita would say! 

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Jun. 19, 2008 at 12:56 AM Hi Jana.  THANK YOU so much for referring me to your journal.  I am so hopeful that my little guy will have the same positive effects as your son.  Best regards to you and your family.  Nancy

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Aug. 4, 2008 at 5:40 AM

I am SO happy to read your journal entries on HBOT results for your son right now! My son does not have autism (that I am aware of anyway) but various other issues in combination with CP. I have researched and researched and have decided that somehow I have to at least try HBOT. Honestly, before stumbling across the information for HBOT for such "non-FDA approved conditions" I was hopeless. Now, I just keep reading more and more stories of success with it and I am hopeful again. I am so thankful for people like you that post your stories because, as I'm sure you already know, they are hard to find! People think I'm crazy for even considering something the FDA hasn't approved (didn't mention that I'd be in China for stem cells if I could afford it, lol), but they must not understand what a mother will do to offer hope for her child...or the damage the FDA has done to so many with the things they HAVE approved. Who knows if HBOT will help my child or not? I know it has helped yours and many others because you've spoken out and given people like me hope. Anything is better than the FDA approved "cross your fingers and wait and see" treatment! I've hoped for things before but this is the first time I've truly felt the gift of hope where there seemed to be none. Thank you for your journals, your honesty, your openness, the hope it all offers and sharing the gift of your son.  

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