On May 9th, a 16 yr old girl here in Ch'ville was driving to school and she pulled out onto a very busy highway and it is not clear exactly what happened.......but she got hit by a tractor trailer driven by a 54 yr old man. I am not sure whether she had the green light or he did b/c the news is not saying, anyway, he is being charged with felony manslaughter and reckless driving which could carry an 11 yr fine. This is a prime example of how accidents happen.

I know if this was my kid, I would want him underneath the jail but I cannot help but feel sorry for this man and his family too. He is the same age as my Dad and she was too young to be driving in the first place and if he did run the light, he should be punished but is 11 years the right punishment for such a tragic mistake?

I am on the fence with this one because I know it was not a malicious act but a tragic mistake.

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