I am so proud of myself I was able to accomplish so much today.

  I met my baby sister for breakfeast for a much needed sister to sister girl talk. After breakfeast I popped over my parents home to pick up some items they had for me. This had been delayed for over a week, last week was so chaotic there was no way I was able to get there.  After my parents home I stopped over my oldest sisters home to pick up some camping gear. Once I left my oldest sisters home I take a look at my car and it is packed, if someone where to look over in my cars direction they would have surely thought  I was moving. No biggie though I really needed to take care of these errands today. I look at my clock 1:30 perfect enough time for me to stop over the store to pick up my son's birthday treats for school. Time to go to my baby boy's school to drop off his treats. Popsicles with vanilla ice cream filling along with juice boxes . What a refreshing treat especially since they just got out of gym class. I opted for the popsicles versus cupcakes because the weather is real muggy and this would def cool the kiddos down.  My son was excited with my choice of treats, the jumping and spinning gave it away...lol 

  Yes I made it home and have an hour to spare before I have to get my son. Today was a good day and there is still a few things to accomplish. Simple little pleasures like productive days make me smile, my life is exciting...lol



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