Well I have a lot of things to catch you girls up on!

I'm going to start where i left off. We ended up having to move again because my old landlord did not like us very much. She was a stuck up rich girl who pretty much hated anyone under the age of 40. She kicked us out because she said my baby crying woke up the neighbors and she got too many complaints about it. That was just rediculous. Now we are living in a small apartment in North Bend. Its nice and the rent is a decent price. We also have pretty nice neighbors too. The bad part is my fiance lost his job and is having a really hard time getting a new one. Even with a small rent we are barely making it by. I feel really alone. I have close to no help at all. I have tryed to turn to my friends and family for help in this time of need. No one is willing to help us. So we may be getting kicked out of this place if we dont find him a job soon..

I am trying to stay looking on the bright side of things but it is getting really hard right now. I dont know what to do. At the time I need help the most it seems all those who said they  cared have turned their backs on me.I need help sooo bad right now its insane.

Thats all that is going on with me..My daughter is getting sooo beautiful and smart. She is sitting up on her own and already trying to walk! ..she is so amazing. I am so proud to be her mom no words could describe it.

Also i wanted to let you guys know that I dont get on this website very often. If you would like to keep in touch with me more you can look me up on myspace..i could use people to talk to right now. You can search by email.. my email is demonicangel911@yahoo.com just let me know you are from cafe mom and i will add you.

Well. goodbye for now. I hope all of you are doing well \


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