Madeline is still so busy and so funny.  I wanted to take a little time here before her 2nd birthday to put down a couple of the things she's doing lately. 

She's a good eater and not just that she eats everything - though she does.  She likes to dip everything.  She eats shrimp I think because she can dip it in cocktail sauce.  She likes to dip chips, french fries, burgers, chicken strips, vegetables . . . . whatever there is to dip.  But by good eater I also mean that she is good at leaning over the table or bowl so she doesn't drip on herself.  She still makes a mess sometimes, mostly because after she's gotten everything she can with her fork or spoon she digs in with her hands, but she's so cute leaning over her bowl when she eats. 

Several times she has taken my fingers - almost like she's going to clip my fingernails- plays with the nails and then she kisses them.

She likes to watch movies and especially The Wiggles on the mini DVD player "T" (tv) but unfortunately she also likes to touch all the buttons.  She's very good though about knowing how to pause it and shut it when it's time for bed.  She makes sure it's off before she goes upstairs.

Last night we went out to dinner and I impulsively decided we should go to the pet store and get fish.  Eric was doubtful but Madeline was so excited!  She kept saying fish,fish (pish, pish!)  When we got to the store she headed straight for the tanks and started dancing and pointing at all the fish (her excited dance is kind of like a gallop with flapping arms).  We selected a tank, gravel, plants, and then fish (2 mickey mouse, 2 zebra something or others and a little african dwarf frog).  It was a little more then we expected to spend but I think it makes a wonderful birthday present for her.  When we got home we set it up and she crawled right up to the tank (brought her little chair from the other room) and wanted to feed them and watch them.  It was so wonderful.  Children are so great for getting such joy out of little things.


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