Ok well my best friend does this.....And I think its a good idea.  It may take me some time But i will be adding to this all the time.....Lets see all the things I can be thankful for.


  1.   Three Healthy Children
  2.  A Job that pays the bills
  3.  the abilty to go to work everyday
  4. A car to get me to work
  5.  handsome children to come home to
  6. an awesome friend who's ALWAYS there
  7. The freedom to go to church
  8. A BIBLE believing Pastor
  9. Understanding Sunday School Teachers 
  10.  A GREAT advocate to help with School issues
  11. A son who loves to read
  12. the ability to take a family vacation
  13. kids who smile so mommy can take lots of pictures
  14. a best friend who has a great place to take pictures
  15. The ability to "Walk away the pounds"
  16. Fun people at work who I enjoy!
  17. New Friends on Cafemom
  18. A son who can wait his turn to get a new bike
  19. MY first Turning 10 Next week
  20. My son having a good step mom and dad
  21. And an almost ten year old who says mom I missed u when hes away !
  22. GROWING Boys!
  23. An Cafemom Autism support group
  24. The fact that we Never have gone hungry
  25. A nice camera to take lots and lots of pictures
  26. shelter from the storm
  27. The promise of Heaven
  28. A savior who died for MY sins
  29. Children who like to learn about God
  30. A middle son who tells the neighbor kids about Jesus
  31. a 5 year old who will still sit on my lap
  32. A Great Friend you can "share" ideas with
  33. An honest mechanic who gives me a great deal
  34. AC Window Unit
  35. Fans :)
  36. A friend at work who brings yummy food
  37. the weekend to be with the kids
  38. playing board games with the kids
  39. My middle son saying his brothers are his "Pals"
  40. A washer and Dryer in my apartment :)
  41. a great baby sitter and her mom
  42. Summer Vacation !! NO school
  43. A weekend home with the kids
  44. A cold office to work in in the summer
  45. A heater under my desk if its too cold :)
  46. Even with a lot of severe weather all of my loved ones are safe
  47. a good friend to talk to
  48. My kids saying mommy I'm going to miss you!
  49. The Power of Prayer
  50. Praying Friends !!\
  51. The truth of the BIBLE !
  52. Having a job even on days I dont want to go
  53. A healthy body
  54. the fact that my children have never had to go without....Their needs
  55. Sunshine !

 Stay tuned more to come.......

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:17 PM Great thing to do!  I think I'll join you!  Thanks for lifting my spirits!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 12:34 PM This is a great idea I am going to do this myself. 

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 9:32 PM Helps us to keep in mind that somebody always had it worse than we do!  Thanks for putting things in to perspective!

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