OMG!!! i hate the terrible 2's!!! i love my son so very much but i swear im gonna boot him! i say no he does it i say this he does that he keeps going in the fridge and taken the soda one actully xpoled on the floor, i say stay out of my room and iwash dishes and BAM hes in my room jumping on my bed. i have now made my bed 3 times. he knows the litter is an eww but as soon as he can hes trying to play in it so now its clean him up and sanitize him. i gave him lunch and what does he do... takes the spoon full of food and flings it across the room. ( the dogs happy ) i say no and a min later he does it again! i spank him and it dosent even affect him. i put him in his chair and he could careless. i tell him dont throw and he does hes killing me. i have to add dh works long hours so its just me but im ready to call him and tell him he needs to get home and take over his son but i know i will still be dealing with it. i need a day off lol. i HATE THE TERRIBLE 2'S!! i have to get him to stop he knows it gets me so he keeps doing it just to see me react. he also likes the wod f$%& thanks to his dad and he will say it just to hear me say no bad word. now we dont swear in this house and if dh slips he gets in trouble. i cant take this anymore im so tired!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:18 PM oh no, I'm scared!! LOL! My son is 8 months and has gotten a bit harder lately. He's getting around now so he can get into things quite easily if I'm not careful! Good luck! They eventually grow out of it and POOF! There is our sweet little angel again! I have 8 brothers and sisters so I know how it is. I was also a nanny of a 2 year old and a 6 month old, not easy...

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