Hello, my name is Julie Nobriga.  My first GC party was a few years ago at my sister in laws house.  I bought a few 5oz candles and I was really interested in the company.  But, I hesitated to even talk to the demonstrator, I guess I was afraid of rejection or failing.  Ever since that party, I had never even heard about GC, until in March.  We were at the Manteca fair and I saw a booth.  Again, I hesitated to go up and talk to the ladies.  I wanted to, but I didn't.  For over a month, I kept feeling that I needed to join GC.  For some reason, it wouldn't leave my mind.  I had no idea about the company, current incentives or even how much I would make or how much the start up fee was.  I kept telling myself "no, don't do it, the last thing you need to be doing is selling candles".  On 4/14/08, I was on the computer and I was thinking about GC again.  So I decided to see if they had a website.  I went to the website and joined that night.  After submitting my application, I felt that a huge weight was lifted off of my chest.  For some reason, I knew I needed to do this.  On May 16, I decided to try sponsoring and see if anyone was even interested in GC.  I had told all of my friends online and one wanted to join!!!  I was soooo excited.  Then on May 21, another joined.  May 25, another.  May 27 another.  May 28 another, May 30 another and on May 31 another.  I was soooo excited.  It became a challange for me the last week of May to sponsor one a day!!!  Everytime I sponsored another new demonstrator I called my mom, my sister and my brother and I emailed Gina each time (even though I have never met her)!!  I was sooo excited!!!  Within my first month of joining GC, I was also able to sell $1168 in product!!!  I made my first quick start goal and received my product last week!!!  I was sooo excited to see th e incentives for June and my goal is the $800 Coach gift card!!!  I have never had a "real" coach purse!!!  When I saw the incentives today, I booked 5 catalog parties!!!!  I haven't even asked my family members to have a party yet!!  I haven't even done a home party yet and I have not even had my debut party yet!!!!  This is surreal.  I now know why I kept thinking of GC.  I was meant to work with this company.  I now know that this is what I am supposed to do as a career.  I am still working my full-time job ( hopefully not for long) and I still go to school ( a little over a year left for my BS in human services) I have two young kids ( one 4 and one is 11 months) and I am married to the love of my life.  If I can work a full-time job, raise 2 children, be a wife, and a college student and do GC, then anyone can do GC. 
Thank you,
Julie Nobriga
Ask me how to join for FREEE!!!!!

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