My sister is moving to live with my parents while her husband is over seas (God bless our soldiers - for they and their families endure so much.) Since I am on her way and she had to leave to go home before the baby was born, she has now stopped here for a week with her two kids ages 7 and 2-going on terrible 2.

Last week I disrupted Xyla's schedule by starting her in daycare. This week my sister is looking after her so once again her schedule is different from last week. Also, with my sister's kids comes chaos. The oldest has ADHD and isn't taking his meds. The youngest is hell on wheels. If there were a baby hells angels she'd be in it. (Bad to bone.) Xyla doesn't want to take her naps because she wants to know what is going on. Unfortunately she stays awake so long it makes her overly tired and difficult to put to bed at night. But when she is down, she is down. Last night she slept from 9pm until 1am, didn't even whimper. Then she went from 1am to 5:30am the same way. I got up, I nursed her and she quickly went back to sleep. I thought I was in good this morning. I combed my hair, changed my clothes and was able to get some oatmeal made with toast and some orange juice and she started to sleep-fuss.

Sleep fussing is like a false start. She might open her eyes but then close them again quickly. She might make some noise but its only one noise and it isn't very loud and then she is back to sleep. I imagine it's what Harley would do if they made kids toys. At any rate, my sister was sleeping on my hide a bed with her kids. I heard her kids moving around a bit-in their sleep no doubt. I hear her turn over a few times. I was sure I heard her say something to her youngest so I was pretty sure she was awake and just resting herself until her kids rustled around more significantly. Hell, I would.

I hear the baby let out an-"no I am really awake this time" wail and then I hear my sister say, "Crystal, your baby is fussing." I didn't say anything because any number of things could have been going through her head. I went in and picked up my precious little eardrum rupturing angel and headed back to the kitchen to see if indeed I could eat oatmeal left handed. (Turns out I can but then I have to wash the baby-you do know oatmeal drips right.) I get her back to sleep and put her down. I have to leave at a quarter to 7 to make it to work on time this morning, I know that I told her that last night. It was 6:42 and she was still laying there. She finally looked up at me and asked what time it was. I told her and still she didn't move.

I seriously considered dropping the baby off at daycare because I needed someone awake to look after my child while I went to work. I stopped short on that though because if she heard the baby cry and knew I was gone she'd get up. I was mostly sure of it. I didn't get to finish my orange juice, or my toast. Oh well it was better than last week when I didn't even get to make breakfast for myself.

I get to work and the power is out. The first thing I do when I get to work is to pump. Have to to keep on schedule. It's not that I don't make enough milk to feed the baby, I am just not able to pump enough to keep up with her growing appetite (thank you ill timed growth spurt). So I was off schedule today. I get frustrated when I am off because I never get as much as I should be getting. around 8:30 the power comes back on and I run to pump (mental note-buy batteries for the pump). I get back to my office and my phone is ringing.

It's my sister.....(this is the part in the movie where they add cricket noises)..........she wants to know if I am mad at her. I said no why. She says you left pretty quickly this morning I didn't know if something was wrong. She hadn't even heard me moving around-using the microwave, making coffee for her. The kitchen and living room are adjoined and I am not that quiet. The first thing she heard was the baby cry so she is under the impression that it's still 5:30 in the morning. Uh no, precious, it time for you to take over for the day. She apologizes and says that she isn't used to waking up to hear someone elses babies, just her own and since it had been so long since either of them were up in the middle of the night she isn't on eggshells anymore. I guess I left in such a hurry I left my cell phone at home. I apologize as I explain to her what was really happening. She did get up four times to let the dog out. I don't get that. But I did share that usually if the dog wants out in the middle of the night with me, I leave him out there. (developed that attitude when I was a beached whale size pregnant woman and plain out of energy-dog didn't seem to mind)

In all honesty I thought it was retaliation for telling her 8:30 was too late at night for the dog and the kids to be getting all wound up when they were supposed to be going to bed. Especially since they were all trying to land in my lap while I was nursing the baby.

The rest of the conversation goes much like the first part so let me just close with our understanding. If it's in the morning and my baby is crying and I need to finish my breakfast before I rush out the door, I am supposed to wake her up and ask her to go get the baby for me so I can do what I need to do, after all she is here to help.

Great, so what do I do next week. I guess I should get up 15 minutes earlier just in case I have to wash oatmeal off the baby.

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