Ok  so  after spending  most of the  mornign  fighting with the  Ford dealership here and  calling  Lynnwood  WA to  get  answers form the Ford dealership  there, I  get what  I want  and  prove onc aain to  a man  that  I maybe  Female but I'm  not  dumb.  When I bought the  car I got  a sweet deal that  for the  1st 2yrs I get free oil changes  well the  dealership  here said  no that  si  only  at the  dealership you  got it  at, I said  no  it was thur  ford and  theysaid  well  they  had  never heard of  a plan  like that  and then they  said I'd have ot pay  for the  light  bulb  that  burnt  out in the tail lights  well  Wrong agian!  I haven't  even  owned the car a yr  (ok  6 days shy of it). I called the  original  Dealership  and  they  told me to  tell  them to  hook it up to the  Oasis  system  and  all the info  would be there and  I will get my free oil change  and  that if  they  didn't  to  let them know  and  he  will  talk to them  adn  inform  them  of  the  plans that  Ford  was giving  out  a yr ago.  I  just  loved that  guy  when I  lived in  WA and  now  he is  still  awesome.  (Note I  do  not  love that guy  more then I  do  my  own  husband  LOL) Well  I  went to the dealership and  told  them  to  hook it  up to the  oasis  machine  and it would  give them  all the  info  they need  they sure  didn't liek the fact that  I  old  them  how to  do there  job  since they  were morons.

I proved once again that  beign  female  doesn't  make  me  mechanically  stupid  just makes me superior LOL  

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:54 PM Rock on. It was a slap in the face for them. Eh?

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Jun. 21, 2008 at 9:29 PM its great being a female !

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