I think I may be losing my mind, but I have thought about it a long time and have made the decision to go back (I say "back" because I already have a bachelor's degree in Family and Life Sciences) to school to pursue a nursing degree and be a registered nurse. 

After looking at what all the degree requires, I will only have to go to school for a little over a year.  I will have to take a few pre-requisites first...two chemistry classes and labs, and pathophysiology...before I can get into to the degree program.  My stepmother is an RN studying to be a nurse practitioner, so she will be able to help me when I need help.  She has been helping me get the ball rolling as far as what to do, who to contact, etc.  That has been a big help to me already.  Oh, also, one of my neighbors is the dean of nursing at our local university!  So, I hope I won't have much trouble getting accepted.

There was something that happened to me recently that has made me question where my life is going and what I want to do when all my babies are in school in a few years.  In February, when I went into labor with my daughter, I was in sudden extreme pain, and thought my water had broken, but when I checked, it was blood.  My husband rushed me to the hospital and about 2 minutes after we arrived, two labor and delivery nurses met us downstairs and took me up to be examined.  The whole time, they were talking to me, asking me questions, reassuring and comforting me.  They got me into a room, examined me, and immediately paged my doctor and started prepping me for surgery.  These two sweet ladies were with me through my emergency c-section, holding my hand and comforting me.  After the surgery, my doctor told us that I had a placental abruption and there was a blood clot that was between the placenta and the baby and was pressing on the cord.  If those two nurses hadn't been such quick thinkers,  the baby and I both would have died.  When I was in recovery later that evening, I started hemorrhaging and the same two nurses went into action again, pressing on my uterus to try and get all the blood clots out...they ended up paging my doctor to come back, and he pulled out a clot the size of a cantaloupe.  The whole time they were pushing down on my belly and I was crying out in pain, both nurses were saying "I'm so sorry honey" and "here, squeeze my hand as hard as you need to".  It was a really rough night, between the blood loss (I had two blood transfusions) and the pain.  At one point, my blood pressure was down to 63/37 and they almost took me back to surgery to stop the bleeding.  Through it all, Grace and Holly, my angels in scrubs, took care of me like I was special to them, and in the process, they became special to me.  The next evening, when I was over the rough stuff and beginning to recover, they came by after their shift was over to check on me and see the baby.  I gave them both a big hug and thanked them for saving my life and my baby's.  Since then, I have written them each a letter of thanks and I also wrote to the hospital letting them know what excellent nurses work for them.

So, now that I have written a novel about this (lol) I just wanted to say that those two ladies inspired me to seek my nursing degree so that I can work in labor and delivery and help other moms and babies the way they helped me and my little girl. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:48 PM I too have decided to go back to school for nursing. I have a degree in theatre. My pre-reqs will take longer, but I have a plan. I will first get an associates then a bachelor's and maybe a masters. My son was recently dx'd on the autism spectrum. I want to work in pediatrics so I can help parents through the maze and refer them to biomedical treatment. One day, I will be DAN (Defeat Autism Now) certifed and help parents that way. Good luck to you!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:51 PM Congratulations on taking this big step! How exciting!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:17 PM wow.. thats a wonderful story (as far as the nurses being so helpful) and i can tell why that would encorage you! nurses are great people and im sure you would be a GREAT nurse! good luck and im sure everything will be just wonderful!

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Jun. 23, 2008 at 9:20 PM It's amazing how current events in our lifes make us or have us consider a new career. I'm abig quiter everything I start I quit so knowing how I am I also have had current events make me want to me a nurse but I have about 12- credits hopefully at least 9credis will count considering its been 8 years since I've been in school. I decdide I'll take 1-2 two classes and the next year will let me know if this is something that I'll I want to quit to. Hopefully not..

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