Working on 5 days left until Doug and I get "hitched". We're getting there. We got Douglas's suit back from the dry-cleaners and now I just have to hem the pants, and sew on the patches (I didn't know I was sewing in patches until last mad was I!)

I remade the bouquets I had made for the bride's maids, because I didn't like them. Now they look ok, just need some ribbon to fancy them up a bit.

I finally managed to get the bride's maids baskets filled and appropriately tissued (gift baskets). And the nursery is clean.

 I haven't eaten yet today, and strangely I'm not starving...I do need to eat something, but dinner's only an hour and a half away. I might snag a carrot for a munch.

The arch will be delivered and assembled on Friday, along with my sister, and sister in law who are staying to help me finish things up, and to of course attend the bachelorette party.

But I still haven't heard from my brother....the last time we communicated it ended in a fight. I've invited him to the wedding though, of course, because he's my brother, and although I disagree with some of the stunts he has pulled over the years, I will always love him. But he hasn't responded. I've emailed him, myspaced him, called him, and he never responds. My sister says she has talked to him, and that he can't make it to the wedding.. I wish he would call me and tell me.. I really wish he could come..I hope the reason he can't isn't that we fought.

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