Ok so the movie was AMAZING!!

someone had told me that it was a sucky movie but it was a guy with no idea what is good and what isnt and he based his decision on somehting he'd herd from someone who he doesnt even know!! and then iherd from my friend who saw it before me that it was amazing!!

well here r my thoughts on the movie.

it does give what everyone expected it to give. the clothes were all amazing as we r used to. the acting is great and believeable. the plot was amazing! i will not ruin the movie for those of you who havent seen it yet! but if you are planning on seeing it, go sometime soon and enjoy it so much. there is a scene that got me a bit shocked but i got over it and its only for a second. le this be known it is def a really really hot scene and u will feel the heat of it! twists and turns one does not see coming is def part of this one of a kind movie!

so go run and see it!!!! if anyone has anything else to add e.g. feelings and thoughts please feel free to add them!!



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