When I read as a child, it was always fun.  I loved to curl up on the couch and forget the world.  My favorite character was Cinderella.  I dreamed of being a child of the king and living in my own tower.  I had loads of beautiful dresses and would dance and twirl so the dress flared out like gossamer wings.  There were always flowers and, of course, Prince Charming loved me and found me more lovely that any other girl at the ball!

     When I grew up I was rather disappointed that many of my dreams didn't really pan out, but this one did.  While I didn't have a tower to myself, I have a Prince Charming that loves me above all others and I am a child of the KING!    God is the lord of my life and I could ask for no better life than the one He has given me.  He provides me with beautiful flowers for I can grow them in my yard.  I find inspiration for them and God has given me a gift of creativity.  I craft and can paint.  I love to paint flowers and to teach others to paint as well.  What would I need with a tower anyway?

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