Well "The Biter" as I call him was FINALLY kicked out of my son's class @ daycare.  He is still in the daycare, but they put him in class with the babies.  He is only allowed out to play when the other 3 kids in the class are sleeping/in their playpens.  In 2 weeks he will be moved up to 2-4 y.o. class.  I DARE him to bite one of those kids and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least my son no longer has to deal with him!


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Jul. 11, 2008 at 6:58 PM I know what you are talking about. I work at a daycare, and let me tell you there is nothing more frustrating than having your own child going through a pain like that. I saw it happening to my own son over and over in the same room that i was in with him, There was nothing that I can do about it. There were times that I wanted to bit that kid and show him how much it hurts. But i knew that if I did I would get fired, so I did not do it. I don't know about you but we would tell the parents and they would find that very funny. It made me soooo mad. Well one day we had another child that was just as bad as that one,  he finally got some of his own medicine.  I hope you talked to the director or who ever is in charge. We were only allowed to 3 accidents report a week and if you (caregiver) would give out more than that you would be reprimanded. As a caregiver we would get our hours cut. We needed to be focused on the children the whole entire time, it was hard,  I tried with my son and he was still getting bitten. Its hard both ways I was a mother and a caregiver at that daycare, and I still did not know what to do with a child that bits.

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