So day 1 of Potty Training went better than I thought that it would.  This morning I woke Brooklyn up and instead of putting a pull up on her I put a pair of her big girl panties.  Well they lasted for about 5 minutes and then she wet herself.  Thank God she was in the kitchen and not on the carpet.

Then Tim came home and Brooklyn ran to him saying she had to go potty.  He takes her and she goes #2!!  Yay!!  Actually she has been doing a very good job with that for awhile now. Soon after that though she wet herself again.

Then I decided to try the old "In the buff" trick.  This actually worked well but after 2 hours I got tired of seeing her running around in the buff.  I put some new panties on her and told her to tell me when she had to go potty.  I kept reminding her this too.  Well about 3 she peed on my couch and I decided that this was enough for the day.  I put her back in a Pull up for her nap.  I'll try again when she wakes up from her nap.

Ashlynn though woke up dry from her nap today.  This is a BIG step for her.  Plus I didn't put a pull up on her this afternoon for her nap.  So maybe we are getting some where with her now too!  It feels like I am potty training 2 at once!!! 

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