I just wanted to post some pics of the CDs I make and sell.  I have lots of other colors and can always order more.  The prices vary from $8 to $15 dollars depending on style and material. I can make pockets, snaps or applix, OS, side snap, AIO's, covers and AI2's, I make the it so it is compatiable with Jamtots inserts.  I love making minkee diapers and love an excuse to order different designs, so don't hesitate to make a special request.



 MINKEE OS Pocket diaper

 Minkee camo side snap diaper

 Regular PUL pocket diapers with applix closures

 Girly pocket diaper hidden pul

 Pirate pocket diaper with hidden PUL



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Jun. 8, 2008 at 5:33 PM I really like you dipes!  How much for  the OS minkee pocket dipes?  What about the regular pockets, are what sizes are they and how many lbs?  What about shipping?  I have a girl, so I like really cute patterns, do you have any examples of them?

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Jun. 25, 2008 at 5:45 PM You do a wonderful job. How much do you charge for the pocket diapers? I am considering making my own; however, just didnt know how much if it was worth it for me. I am not the fastest sewer and my mother in law wants to make diapers for me and my sister in law. If I understood your answer to me you said you get 12 diapers out of the PUL fabric? Right?

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