Reading  was my favorite pastime and still is when I'm not knee deep in other projects.  As a child my favorite book was Winnie The Pooh (I'm a POOH addict)  I also like The LIttle House On the Prairie books I still have the set my parents gave me as a gift long ago.

In school I think I was the only student who really read the books the teachers assigned and for the summer reading lists had them done and added the extras to the bottom of the list...

Now as an adult  I'm never without a book any spare moments I have I crack open my book and read  I read at least two if not three a week(again thats if I don't have any other projects under my hat.)

I hope to pass this on to my kids  my daughter is starting to enjoy reading and my oldest boy is an avaid reader  as for the others I guess I'll just have to work on them a little harder.  they'll see where reading can bring them someday......

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 6:01 PM

I, too, love to read...when I have the time.  There is always a book of some sort on my night stand and on those nights when I'm not really "mind" weary, I read.  But alas....the next thing I know, its 4 am and the alarm goes off at 6!!!!

My current favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans and Donna VanLiere.  I've always enjoyed Danielle Steel and Debbie MacComber is good, too. 

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