Dani went  2 weeks without an accident and she just had one today.  I'm frustrated by that.  I feel that she's never going to go more than 2 weeks accident free.  She's done this a few times before, but can't get past the 2 week mark.  I know I should feel better about this because even though she just peed her pants, she recovered enough to go poop in the potty.  The frustrating part is that she was playing in the bathroom having her toy cat go potty.  Couldn't she have felt that she had to go while she was in there and take care of business along with her kitty instead of getting past the point of no return?  I was feeding my 11 month old so I wasn't able to remind her to go at the time either.  She's been doing so well, even napping in her undies accident free for the past 3 days, and for that I'm happy.  I know that one day she'll eventually not have accidents anymore, but I wonder how long it will take.  We've been potty training for 3 months now.  I wonder if I should offer incentives for not having an accident for more than 2 weeks.  I've been doing that for her naps and it's seemed to work so far.   I think I should let go of the frustration, but it's hard.

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