Over the past few months I have basically turned my self off from the world and turn towards the Lord. Alot has been going on with my family.  On feb 22 of this year I lost my job with comfort inn as many of you know this. Then on feb26 we found out that we were expecting our 6th child.  Then on may 26th I miss carried.  We then found out that my hubby'"s job will soon be coming to an end the midle of this month.  I am really sorry that I haven"t kept anyone in the loop of things but it was my time to recoperate and spend alittle time with my family and God.

Things are looking up because we found out just this past friday that my hubby has another job waiting for him as soon as this one is over.

  I hope and pray that all of you are doing very weel and are in good health.  I love and miss all of you dearly.  Thank you for all the love and prayers.


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Jun. 4, 2008 at 12:48 PM Sometimes it is good to reflect and hold tight to family.  That is what is important.  Whenever you need to talk feel free to send me a line.  I hope things turn out okay... I am there with you.  Hubby has been gone for 10 weeks.  It has been hard on us.  Hanging on by a thread....Take Care and Keep your chin up....HE never gives us more than we can handle...Have Faith....

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