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well my son has to wear a helmet because he has positional plagiocephaly because he had torticollis when he was like 3 months old. Well, I called today to make the appointment and I got one for the 12th, which is really good it usually takes like 8 weeks. Wel anyways, at this appointment they would be making a plaster mold of my sons head, I know he will love that. They told me my insurance prolly won't cover it and they have a payment plan....I am thinking ok, something we can do, you know work it out. Well, the lady tells me, it is $500 each time. Up front at the casting, $500 at his 30 day check up and $500 at his 60 day check up......we do not have that kind of money, I think we make that much in a month BEFORE taxes, it is crazy....So I have to ask my dad to help....My DH hates asking for help. Recently I borrowed $100 from my dad to buy some clothes for my son. My DH doesn't know. I have asked my dad not to tell him. I am making sure no one tells him. I don't want him to know about it, I will be paying my dad back, although I am not sure how because I don't have a job. But, sometimes DH gives me money, and I will keep it and save it and give it to him. So, I have to call my dad today and see about a $1500 loan and I also hate asking for money, especially over the phone, but I know my son needs it, so I will be asking for it......I am not sure if this was a vent or if I was just whining, but I do feel better!!!
Ok DH knows that I am asking my dad for the money for the helmet, he doesn't know I borrowed money for clothes for our son. He thinks my dad just gave it to me....and believe me as wierd as it sounds it has been known to dad has spoiled me since day one, lol.  And yes, the helmet is to correct the shape of his head, but since it is only a cosmetic thing they may not cover it. The lady at the place said that 99% of the time they haven't been, but they will still bill my insurace and they may cover it.  If it turns out that our insurance does cover it, then we will be reimbursed, but we have to pay up front.....I wish there was a way for me to bring in some money, but I am a SAHM, I can't get a job, we can't afford daycare. But, I talked to my dad and he said he would loan us at least a third of the money, and if we couldn't get more from other family, he would front us the rest too.....I really love my daddy!!!

Ok so I talked to my mom just now and she said her and my GMA would also try and get together $500...if you've read my previous posts you know all about the huge fight DH had with his GMA and I hate to do this but he is thinking about asking her to loan us the other $500. We need the money otherwise we wouldn't ask!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:01 PM i hope your little guy gets better soon

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:06 PM I can't understand insurance not covering something like this!  Preposterous!

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