that they are never participating in any extra-curricular activites for me and Jeff. They are participating for them.

Jeff and I have accepted the fact that we are no longer super-mega athletes still in high-school. We are letting our children follow their dreams, not ours. 

Yes, I am still an extremely proud parent when my children succeed or even just do well. I am the most proud of them, however, for simply trying.

Ashley just got her new cheerleading uniform and her poms. She was also fitted for her shoes today. Man! I remember it all happening for me as if it were yesterday! Yet, today is her day. I am very proud of her for working as hard as she can to make her dreams come true. These are not my dreams, they are definitely hers.

So, now I am filling the role of a parent. I could not be happier about this. My glory days are still here, it's just that they are now here in my life as a parent.

I am a very proud and blessed mother. I am thrilled that I get to alter my daughter's cheerleading uniform for her. It's her day!


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:02 PM

I was never athletic when I was growing up, so to have my own kids play sports is fun for me to watch & get into. I was the preverbial band geek. My oldest is coming out of 6th grade, has had 2 years of playing the xylophone & snare drum in school & now wants to drop out,. It saddens me because I want him to be in band too, but I get that it's not his thing, so I am not forcing him to stay in it for me. He gave it 2 years, which is what I asked (one for the xylophone & one for the snare) & now he wants to do something else.

Now my only hope is one of my 2 DDs decides to pick up the flute! *sigh*

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