It didnt happen  Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I went to register today. We didnt get to go this morning. Misty told me she would be up at 8 but then at 8:45 she was still asleep so I went back to bed. BIG MISTAKE...

When she woke me up it was 10 and she told me she got up at 9 but wanted to let me sleep a little more because she knows that I have not had much sleep lately. But as sson as I opened my eyes all I could tell her was that I didnt feel good. The pressure betweenmy legs was amazingly painful and I felt sick to my stomach. I have been getting morning sickness again!!!!

So I got up at 1 and a friend of both me and Misty was over here and she gave me a present for the baby. She is fom Arkansas and went to build-a-bear there and made the baby a bear. It is wearing a Arkansas shirt...I LOVE IT!!!! They put 3 hearts in it and when you press its paw it has a lully by in it...ADORABLE!!!!

At about 3:45 we left to go register and got there right at 4 and they were closed. ARGH!!!!

But now we know they open at 8 and close at 4 so as long as I get there before then tomorrow I can enroll!!!! YAY!!!!! I am so ready to get this done. I want to start classes!!!!

But I am getting off now and I want to start playing Kindom Hearts...I heard its good and I wanna see for myself.


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