Hi Everyone,

    Well, I just wanted to update everyone on how my pregnancy is going. Well, it is still going good. yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am 29 weeks an d 5 days. Well, i have been measuring 3 to 3 1/2 weeks over how many weeks that i really am. My blood pressure has been really good, and her heartbeat was 155 when i went to the doctor last. I have only gained 7 pounds so far. I go back to the doctor on June 10th. I just wonder about one thing.  And that is, when i was pregnant with my son and i only measured 2 weeks over, my doctor measured me again to make sure that it was only 2 weeks over. B/c she said that if i measured over 2 weeks, then she would have a reason to do an ultrasound. But with this pregnancy, i measure 3 weeks over or more and they say that it is fine. I don't understand how it is fine. Unless it is b/c this is my 2nd child. but if anyone has ever been through this, please leave me a message and let me know something. I am really worried that my baby will run out of room and i also think that i will go early. when my mother in law was pregnant with my husband he was soooooo big that he ran out of room and was made to come early. and i am afriad that this will happen to her. and i just want to make sure that she will be ok and that nothing happens to her. But leave me a comment if you don't mind. and i will add more later. thanks!!


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