After months of hearing rave reviews about The Business of Being Born, I decided I REALLY wanted to see it. Like today. I figured, it may answer some questions I have been wanting to ask a doula or midwife and possibly quell some fears left over from my last birth experience.

Well, I searched online and found it in a few places for around the same price. But I wanted to just go out and get it so I checked the store sites from every store in my area and packed my kiddos into the car.

No one had it.

Not only did no one have it, but no one carries it. And it's not that they are out of stock or no longer carry it, they plain don't carry it at all. WTF?

After getting the 'we don't carry that movie' response enough times to want to scream I decided to give up. My pregnant hormones made me cry. I was so so so looking forward to seeing this movie. I even talked to Rye about it and we were kinda excited to sit down later after everyone was asleep and watch it together.. least that was the idea.

I cant understand why no one has this movie. Has it been left off the shelves around here for a reason? Is there some kind of conspiracy? Have the conglomerate hospitals of the area banned together to restrict my viewing pleasure?

I'm really annoyed and I do not want to wait a week for it to be delivered!!


/end rant.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:21 PM I know you can order it on Netflix.  ( I guess you don't have that).  I think it is considered a documentery.   Maybe that is why they don't have it.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:31 PM Ahh but they do have it.. example:Target shows it on their website as being something available in store and online, but the store in my area 'doesn't carry it'.. I was thinking of joining Netflix just to see it.. still mulling that over...

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