Well I am happy to report that for the last 2 days in a row, I have not felt sick even once, I have had all my energy back and I feel wonderful! I feel normal again. So I think the worst part of pregnancy is behind me. :-)

Had an OB appointment today, it went really well. Blood pressure was still great ( I worry about this because of the pre-clampsia with Blake that started with high blood pressure and put me on bed rest for almost 4 months). I didn't gain ANY weight- I lost 2 pounds- from being so sick I assume but he said that was perfectly fine. I have some swelling in my face and legs but they said there is nothing wrong, seems to be my body's natural reaction to pregnancy as it happened with Blake as well.

All my blood work came back good, the complete blood work up and all the others things they check, my white blood count was a little elevated but they said that is perfectly normal during pregnancy.

The baby's heartbeat was 165- which is perfect. We took Blake with us this time and he was so excited to hear his baby brother or his baby sister's heartbeat. I am glad he is at the age where he really understands that. It is so neat to see him get so excited. He said THAT IS MY BABY'S HEARBEAT!!- as soon as he heard it, he is going to be an awesome big brother :-) I was glad he got to go and thankful Stacy got to go again, I know he might not be able to make every appointment but this one worked out where he could get ready for work early and go and then leave for work.

That was about it, they did say I was measuring a little big so after the sonogram my due date may be a little more towards November 15th but he didn't want to change it without confirming it by ultrasound which is scheduled for July 2nd. One more month and we will know if we should buy pink or blue :-) I am so excited. Well, everyone have a GREAT week! Love y'all!

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