I usually don't tell my story about Dustin and my pregnancy, but something inside told me to share it.  It all started in January 1987.  I had moved out and was living with my SIL, since my brother had just left for basic training in the Air Force.  When he finished basic training, I was taking over the lease of the apartment and my SIL was moving to where my brother would be stationed.  I was 19 yrs old, working full time, and having a wonderful life with my boyfriend.  I had lived there less than 2 weeks and then I found out I was pregnant.  My doctor TOLD me I needed to have an abortion, that I was too young to have a baby.  I was determined to keep it, because this baby was very much wanted!!  I told my SIL when we got home and she was excited for me too.  Finally I got up the nerve to call my mom and tell her.  OMG...I was not prepared for her reaction.  I hung up on her and unplugged the phone.  Later that evening, I plugged it back in and it immediately started ringing!!  Yes, she was very upset with me and was terrified to hear what my dad would say.  You see, I was born and raised in a Baptist church, dad was a church deacon, and everytime the doors were open, we were there.  My whole family was members of this small country church.  Well, she told him that evening and they both wanted me to come down there to talk.  There, my dad (I am the only girl with 3 brothers) TOLD me I HAD to have an abortion.  He was very much against this baby.  My grandma told me I had disgraced the family name.  I was so hurt and I thought I could never forgive my family.  Well, as time went on, my b/f and I got married and had a wonderful son!!  The marriage didn't last, but the love for our son would always stay!!!  While I was pregnant with Dustin, my 2 older brothers wives were pregnant also.  My parents had 3 grandkids in 2 1/2 months!! And a few years later my dad made this comment to my mom.  It still makes me cry today, over 20 years later!!!

My dad told my mom that Dustin was the one grandchild he was the most against, but that Dustin had come to be the one grandchild that he cared the most about.  Yes, I finally found out that my dad really did love me and he loved my son so much more!! 

I lost my dad on December 1, 1999, but I will never forget the love he gave to me or the love he had for my son.  I will always miss him, but I know he is up there watching over us, and my new daughter!


Here is the one pic I have of Dustin and my dad, in 1988.

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