So I was a soldier and now I am a SAHM and a New WAHM. I had no idea what those acronyms meant until this year. I was in the military I know tons of acronyms, just not those. I have been amazed by all the creativity that moms have on Cafe Mom. I attented my first online party and wow it was cool. I was a last minute presenter at another online party yesterday. I have been an online party animal in the last 24 hours. I offered 15% off the first order. NO minimum order. They liked that. So sales yet. I am optimistic though. 

I sold a bunch of hair bows also. It is finally taking off. I am selling more on my MommyAuctions store. I am having a great time. I was getting a lil discouraged, but my DH told me to hang in there and I have. My Herbalife was booming and now it has died a lil. Iam feeling the crunch with money like everyone else. I am going to market more of the lower $$ items instead of the Weight Management kits. I have been a Herbalife user for 9 years. I know the products really well. I know I can succeed. I will succeed.

 I am still stuck at a 17lb weight loss for the year. It is a good thing, but I want to progress. I am not jogging at all like I was at the begining of the year. Guess I need to get off thise computer and jog...LOL

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