Lately I'm inspired to write a little about some people's manners on ebay. I love doing what I do but many are leaving due to the new rules and unpleasant experiences. Here are some things that are bothering me and many others I've spoken to. If you're new or just want to maximize your profits pay special attention because this is some others' opinions as well.

1. It is not my job to pay your gas!! Don't get me wrong we all want a decent profit but take into account your business expenses when running one. It comes with the territory since packages won't mail themselves.

2. I don't need your life's story in the listing. Please for goodness sakes. I don't need to know that you might not get it in the mail because your van broke down and you have three kids. This is lame and not professional. Save it for your blog.

3. Incomplete listings. Some are forgetting important details. You can't wonder why you aren't getting positive feedback when you don't list everything about the item. Whether you have pets and smoke are crucial. Also clarify your discounts. I need to know exactly how much I pay for something before bidding.

4. Stop charging new prices for used items. Really. I don't care what brand it is. Unless it's a collectible which is worth the money now that is understandable. Otherwise don't expect me to pay what you did new.

5. Gouging shipping is not ok. Charging 0.99 for a small item but over $5 more to ship it like one article of clothing. A good deal of us have scales and ship regularly so trying to pull a fast one won't work.

6. If you wait too long to answer a question forget it. Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

7. Get a bigger inventory together. Personally I like buying from people I can already trust. If you keep items that are similar in size or category stocked you may get some repeat business. I don't really like just buying one item from someone if I use it regularly like clothing for my kids or craft supplies.

8. Feedback is great communication. If you want to leave it then fine if not fine too but don't ask for it. Especially before you buy an item or before someone gets yours.

9. Clean up the item before you send it. Rewash it, deodorize it and/or scrub it down. Regardless if it's used or new no one likes dirty stuff.

10. Pack your items better. If an item rattles stuff newspaper it the box. If it's an envelope stuff it well and tape it so it doesn't come undone. Layer some newspaper if need be. Use the appopriate size so it doesn't bulge through or slip out. If you aren't sure what it will take get an empty package and practise to see what fits properly or ask an experienced seller.

11. Save the postal receipt so you know exactly what day and time it was shipped.

12. Don't let buyers bully you. We all want to please people and get more business but that doesn't mean you should cave at every issue. Really look into whether or not complaints are valid before just dishing out a full refund. With the new rules in place it's easy to take advantage.

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