You know, I'm pretty lucky with my daughter. She is subborn and indendent and VERY loud and busy, but for the most part she listens and is well behaved. Then why is it that at the most inopportune times she'll act up? For example, I just got off the phone with my best friend in Florida. We don't get to talk as much as we used to because she works full time and is really busy, so when we do talk its nice to have an uninterrupted conversation. I swear, everytime she calles me, my daughter takes it upon herself to use me as a jungle gym, yelling in the phone, whinning at me, and generally showing her bad side while I'm trying to talk to my friend. Why don't I just hang up and discipline her, you ask? Because my friend has limited time to talk and if I hang up and take the time to discipline my daughter my friend will be back at work, or doing homework, etc. When I did hang up today I sternly told my daughter not to interrupt adults while they're on the phone. But I know she'll do it again. I'm telling you, sometimes its so hard to get through to her!

 Next time she does this, I'll just have to hang up and discipline her. I'm tired of not being able to carry a conversation because my daughter is throwing a fit.

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