I will never forget the day I went to the park with my toddler boys in their double stroller

and saw the husband of a friend of mine.  For reasons of anonymity I shall refer to him as

Mr. Clueless, or simply Clueless.  Clueless and I did our obligatory “kiss hello” and I

asked him what was new.  He told me he was babysitting. 


BABYSITTING???!!! WHAT THE *#&$^%???!!! 


No way was this former 7-figure, blue chip trader for a world-reknowed brokerage firm, reduced to doing the job typically reserved for 15-year-old girls.  My head starting spinning… I had watched CNN that morning, heard the dreaded “R” word (recession) tossed around, how the price of oil was going up, (again)… are things really that bad?  I heard that the cost of living was lower in Switzerland, should we relocate? 



My thoughts returned to Clueless, as I needed to put he and his family first as they clearly were in a DESPERATE situation.  Would it be an insult if I offered him work?  Create a posting for him on sittercity.com?  Take up a collection for the family?  My head was conjuring up a marketing plan for a kind of former brokers big brother babysitting service… we’ll teach your kids to trade and so much more.  His daughter then appeared and asked him to push her on the swings.  Clueless took her by the hand giving me an exasperated look like she had just asked for his last vital organ, and headed to the swings. 


I shook my head and found a place to plant myself on a bench next to 2 women who gave me the appropriate “nice to see you nod” while somehow simultaneously disapproving of my mom garb for the day.  I will refer to them as Martha & Barfa.  So Martha & Barfa were breathing heavy sighs of longing as they watched Clueless pushing his daughter on the swings.  Barfa commented how lucky Clueless’ wife was to have a husband like him that would baby-sit so she could go grocery shopping in peace. 


Are they kidding me?  Clueless was a prince for spending 2 hours with his daughter that he had not seen all week due to important after work meetings (code for drinks with the guys among other things), stumbling home after she was put to bed and making a hasty exit before she woke up each day?  Wasn’t there a women’s movement not too long ago in this country?  What would Gloria Steinem think of this? 





** I love dads, just think they need a little help sometimes;)


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