Not much exciting going on, but lots of stuff and I am bored....

Swimming lessons started so that keeps the boys entertained for about fourty minutes a day (ha)..... The weather is so messed up though (not that i am complaining I love that it is not in the 100s yet!!).....  The basement is SLOWLY coming along, i just have to keep on Ians butt to get things done, the tile in the laundry/office is almost all done--then texture and paint is all we have left (anyone want to help me paint come on over!!)  So I can not wait to get the office back in order and get my office stuff off my kitchen table--ggrrr and all the stuff piled in the sownstairs living room--so that will be nice......  I have aydans room pretty much organized for the new baby, just need a toddler bed and some organization shleves and we should be good to go!!......  Ian finally got a trailer here to take all the trash out of my yard--he is such a pack rat--ggrrr but i feel tons better the trash is gone!!!.....   My babyshower is this weekend and i am ssssooo excited, for one cause it is all girl stuff--lol and 2 i dont think i have ever had big of one--all the others consisted of my family with only about 4-5 people (not much fun)....Money is tight, as it is for most of you i know i just seem to complain about it more--LOL but we will survived!!!  The inlaws bought us some groceries so i have to stop bad mouthing them for a bit (lol i am trying)....Ians cousin is moving to New York--she is single and no kids I am so excited for her (I wanna go).....His aunt has been real sick, has had lots of test fluid on the lungs, so we are just waiting for the results.......Zach heads off to Camp this weekend (it is near new castle up in the mountains i think) he is very excited (probally cause he will be away from Quintin for a week--LOL)  Then Quintin goes on the 22nd.  We have already been to the library once (last week) he checked out 8 books and is bugging me cause we need to go back--such a good reader (and fast)!!..Aydan is a talker and talks talks talks and has to be outside with his brothers.....The one that is not here yet is a mover and shaker for sure--moves all the time it gets kinda annoyng (especially at 4 in the morning)  I went to the DR and he said i was anemic and to take iron, so i have been but i am still so tired and i hate that feeling!!....I really hope she wants to come early!!!....I am walking with the girls for Relay for lIfe (or i might be sitting cheering them on--lol) either way i will be there!!!....So our June is pretty busy, not to eventful.......

So that is that for now.....Hope all is good with everyone!!!  TTFN

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:14 PM I added more to my post! Sorry you are anemic, I hope everything is okay..are the boys going to Camp Redcloud? That place was so fun! I went there in middle school and had a blast! 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:49 PM So glad the basement is coming together! That will be good to have it all done. And we can not wait to join you at the swimming pool! That will be great! And your baby shower will be awesome! I can not wait! Oh shoot, I have to go baby shopping! You want pink??? You are gonna get it! LOL

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 10:45 PM Ok so if you want help painting let me know when you will be doing it and I would love to help you. and then there is the baby shower thing Im going to do my best to be there with getting the fence and  yard done I havent had any time and then keivn will be picking up lexie on that day. but I cant figrue out how to use the register thing for walmart and target so yeah tell me something you want and I will do my best or I will just go off and get you what I would want. no matter if I make it or not you will have a baby shower gift I promise!

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