There are plenty of products on the shelf or through other sales reps that have mineral oils in them. Did you know mineral oil is 7 layers from CRUDE oil? That's a little disturbing to think you may be putting that on your skin! Or on the skin of your sweet babies!

Lotions with vitamins in it sure sound good. However, so many of those lotions have mineral oil in them and those vitamins never do absorb into your skin. Your paying loads of money for a product that never truely sinks into your skin!! That may be way you still feel a little greasy the next day after you shower. What about your babies? Are you putting baby oil on them? Baby oil is almost 99% mineral oil! That's disturbing as well!!

Arbonnes products are all botanically based. Not one of their products contains mineral oils or by-products of any kind.

Collagen? What about Collagen? Are you using products with collagen? Did you know that collagen was probably picked up from a hospital, by someone, and that collagen is from someone who is no longer living? Gross!!! Arbonnes products do not contain any human or animal by-products of any sort.

The makeup industry is not regulated by the FDA. Makeup companies, including health and wellness companies, can put WHATEVER they want in their products. What are YOU putting on your skin? Giving as gifts? Selling to others?!

Rest assured that with Arbonnes products you are getting the highest quality possible and they all come with a gaurantee! Don't like it? Send it back and Arbonne will refund your money. However, I have 150% confidence in all of their products! That is why I sell Arbonne! I can work as much or as little as I want and I use EVERYTHING that I buy!!!

Jody Keller, Arbonne Independent Consultant, ID#17697444

PM me or send me an email if you have any questions! I'd love to talk to you about Arbonne and their products. Feel free to check out the website at  If you want to place an order, you must be linked to a consultant to order online. My ID# is 17697444. Place an order and try out a product. What do you have to loose?!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:17 PM

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