hey im bored its like almost 7pm and jus got pains in my stomach .. idk lil pains comin n goin like cramps idk if its the baby

 i did eat n its not no gas lol so maybe it is the baby im 5months today 20 weeks thank goD!! onli 4months to go 


the midwife that saw me said the due date in oct.19 cuz of my las period but the ultra sound said oct.21 and she said they gna use tha first due date n idk which one i should b lookin forward too? wha do u think?


neways my birthday is oct. 27 and the baby is gna b born in the same week or the week b4 that should b fun


 well yah this is my first journal post hope u enjoy my wonderful moment on here lol


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:34 PM

my baby was due on my bday arrived 2 weeks before. he actually got circumsized on my bday... poor baby!! they say your first either arrives early or super late. maybe u get lucky and he actually arrives on your due date!

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