The hubby just left for work. Sucks! He's working 12 hour days, 7 days a wk. Goes in at 6:30pm every evening them comes home and sleeps till 3:00pm the next day. We only get 3 hours with him. The money's good, but its rough. Im so tired. The kids don't want to sleep. No naps and up all through the night. Maybe they are just having trouble adjusting to daddy being gone so much? Im not sure, I would LOVE some sleep tho :) I moved their bed time up to try and get a little more. I was so bummed this morning. We had finally started putting money away in the savings account to save up for a down payment to move in August. We didn't have much, a little over a hundred dollars. I don't know how, but some where I bounced a check. I never do that, I don't know where I messed up ... but there went our savings. Ugh, Im so mad at myself for that. Now we have no money for the wk. Had to take bottles back just for gas so hubby could get to and from work. blah. I can't wait for pay day!! Our landlord still hasn't came to pick up the rent, im tempted to put some of the money back in the bank, but then im sure he'll come so i better not.

On a good note though, I found this awesome website called .... I found a baby swing on there and went and picked it up today! It's pretty nice. It's for the new baby, but the kids have been swinging in it since we brought it home. haha. They are pretty big for it, it doesn't really move .... they like it thought. I have pictures i'll put up later when they go down for the night.

Paige said a new work yesterday "tickle tickle" Im so excited. She isn't really talking yet, so its a BIG step. Now she can say "dada" "mama" "night night" and "tickle tickle" Whoo Whoo!

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