Hi.  I just joined cafemom today and want to ask for the help.  My boy, Hayden, is 3 yrs 7 months old.  I have started and stopped the whole potty training several times for various reasons, the last being that I was too pregnant to want to try to get him to the potty in time or to even deal with it!  I have restarted the process now as of last Tuesday.  He is averaging 4 accidents a day, more on some days and only one day of just two accidents.  Hayden is my first child so this is my first try at potty training.  I would like to say that I think he understands peeing in the toilet, but won't take himself there on his own.  He does pee in the toilet though, usually standing up and the latest "treat" is a high-five.  He does pretty good at daycare unless it is a crazy day and they aren't on top of it as much.  I have only seen him poop in the toilet maybe three times, once for me and twice for grandma.  Otherwise he poops in whatever he is in, underwear or pullups.  He says that pee and poop go in the toilet and he knows which treats he will get when he poops in the toilet, but just doesn't do it.  My latest idea has been to create sibling rivalry by saying he can't let his baby sister beat him to the toilet learning now can he, she is just a baby!  I figure it is very possible as she is a girl, she is kid #2 and I am more willing to NOT let it go this long for her.  I am also wondering if it would now be appropriate to use some slightly negative consequences such as "no cartoons because", or "no cartoons until".  I have been waiting for that "aha" moment where he just gets it and wants to be the big boy that he already is!  I am always feeling gentle pressure from ma-in-law since her son was trained at age one (which to me means SHE was trained, plus I work etc etc).  I really don't want this to go till he is 4, which is when his sister turns 1.   Any help and advice would be much appreciated, especially for getting him to poop in the toilet.  He is not a regular one poop a day kid, try every 1-3 days for poop.  Thanks!! Ola :0)

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