I've actually had contractions pretty much all day. Not the gut wrenching painful ones I remember from active labor with Lorelai..but they are starting to make me cringe. Still irregular at this point, so no L&D trips yet. I am soooo paranoid now! I'll be 37 weeks on Thursday and it's just like "whoa.....could today be the day?!" Every night I go to bed wondering if I will wake up in labor. I've got the baby's bag all packed (but I want to get a preemie sized coming home outfit since he'll be about 6 lbs) but bag....I've got my nursing tank, some nipple pads......and that's it. LOL. I've gotta get that thing packed...this time around I want to look GOOD coming home!! I'm really nervous that I'll have back labor this time around. I'm also nervous that it'll wind up bein longer or I'll run into complications. I know, I's normal to have these worries! Some day I'll look back at this post and laugh at myself.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:23 PM I'm right there with you...I am feeling my BH contractions much more now and my back hurts...I have an appointment tomorrow, hopefully I am at least effacing...I don't want to be going a week over due, I think I'll have a cow...

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