What is TheMomTeam, Workathomeunited and groups like that? I can never get a straight answer other than a sales pitch and a website where you have to sign up and so forth and it is almost like these people are autobots or something because they never responed to your question! So what is it and what do they do?

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:21 PM they don't say anything becuase most get paid survey sites are a bunch of jokes........you sign up then you get a penny yes i said a penny to read these sites?! it says you can cash out any time? yeah right after you reach 30 dollars and that will take you years to get and then they have buy stuff or sign up for stuff with your credit card .....which is a big scam!!!! they just want your email to pester you everyday!!!!! and if you do buy something you only get .25 to .50 back thru there sitejust a big waste of time!!!!!

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