I have a timeshare and I want to know how I can rent it. This is not like the other timeshares where u have to go within a certain week nor just one specific place.

My timeshare offers a wide range of resorts in the USA, Australia, Hawaii, Pacific islands and the caribbeans to name a few. Daysd range from 1 nite to a week or even longer.

I am renting it because I have accumulating points and I'm leaving for three years overseas and might not get the chance to use it until then.

One of the resorts are Bonnet Creek on Disney land in FL. I stayed there everytime I take my family to disney or universal studios, so if u know anyone that needs or looking for a resort to stay there I can rent my timeshare for a great price.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 7:23 PM have you checked with a realtor? I believe some do those, but I am not positive. Probably depends on the area.

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