Rod and I had been fighting recently, so much so it almost lead to a divorce. But last night I experienced something overwhelming. I was pumping to get Rebelle some breatmilk and feeling like a failure because I cannot produce much. Rod was comforting me and telling me that I was still doing a great job despite the quanity but I still felt bad. Rebelle started fussing so I picked her up, laid her on me while I laid on Rod. We were all cuddling and Little Libby started laughing and laughing. She was laughing so much (she never laughed that long before!) and so hard at Rod saying "Gonzo". Her laughing was so precious, it made both of us laugh, too because laughter is contagious. It was a perfect moment. All my saddness from everything just went away. Our family was together, happy, lughing for the first time.  I almost cried because I was so happy. We recorded her beautiful laugh and I play it over and over. It was an eperience I have never felt beofre and probably won't ever feel as equivelent because it was the FIRST time we were laughing and playing together. I truely know what happiness and love is because of my family. I love them both (and the dogs, too!) so much. I would not rather have anything or anyone else in my life. They are my world! XOXOXOXOXOX

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:16 PM I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU

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