This is driving me nuts.  One minute, I'm completely sure that I'm pregnant.  After all, I usually have 27-28 day cycles, and here I am on CD30.  I didn't get my BFP before till CD33, despite daily testing.  I've felt too bloated to keep my pants buttoned for a week now, my face is breaking out like when I had DS, boob issues- all say pregnancy!

And then the very next minute I feel like there's no way I'm preg.  I'm all crampy, moody, and wanting to eat brownie batter- all signs AF is imminent.

 But no AF, and no BFP.  Just me, going a little crazy.  Right now I'd settle for either one (though still want BFP!), just so it can stop occupying my mind.  

 With AF, I know I can drink margaritas on our vacation (starting Friday!), and celebrate my sister-in-law's 21st birthday with her on the 10th.  I can also force myself to ignore any cravings I get (I try not to deny myself much when pg).  

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