Ok this is a rant but we purchased a new fridge from sears and was delivered Thursday afternoon, well long story short it never got to temp and we lost ALL OUR FOOD, everything in freezer was defrosted in the a.m. so i called all day long and spoke to several people, they all told me that it takes 24 hours to cool off, ok i get that but i have never lost food changing fridges before, so finally at 630 pm friday night someone belived me that it did not work and scheduled a new one to be delivered but because it was so late we had to wait until sunday...well they have a food loss number...guess what, you have to buy the extended warranty if you want food loss money. WTF, it never worked in the first place. All they did for us was give us a $100 gift card to Sears, ok, like I want to shop there. I have called so many people including the store we bought it at, central office, District MAnager and   nobody will help us. We had 10 guys all flock to us to sell it but now we can't pay someone to help us.  I am so mad, it was brand new!! ANy other advice? I have called everyone even the manufacturer directly...NOTHING!!!!

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