okay so i think its apretty funny story, my older sister loved to read and i always wanted to learn but when i was little i had a hard time with my speach and not alot of people besides my family understood what i was saying so i was scared to learn to read and wouldnt read outloud at school or anything! but one day my sister sat me down with *THE FOOT BOOK* by dr.sues! and read it to me over and over and had me try to read with her ext. well i still couldnt read but i realy wanted to show off to my mom so i had memorized the entire book (it was alot of ryming so it was pretty easy) and read it for the first time out load to her and my sister, they were so proud of me and i remember i was proud of myself even though i knew the truth, but then they wanted me to read, *one fish 2 fish red fish blue fish* also by dr,sues.... i froze up and wasnt sure what to do but i sat and tried my hardest to read and it was like magic to me at the time that i actually could read most of it, the words were the same i had seen over and over in the first book so it just came natural to me after i finished the book i told my mom and sister the truth that i couldnt realy read and how i memorized the first book and then how that helped me with the second and they told me thats how you learn to read by remembering the words you know and learning new ones after that i loved to read and had my own large collection of dr.sues books! when i was about 10 my aunt had her first baby girl, and when she grew up and was about 3 i sat down with here and the foot book and read it to her and taught her how to read!

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