When Dan came home earlier he said he was talking to the people who live downstairs. The people who lived in our old Apartment seem to have moved out. So weird. I hadn't heard anything about it, but the Girl was really nice. Sometimes I miss that Apartment. We would've stayed down there instead of moving up here (2nd Floor) because that Apartment was perfect... But there was one thing it lacked---a Tub. It only had a shower which was fine for Delia because she'd been taking showers since our old Apartment in Pawtucket had no tub either. But, the problem of course, was Hunter. You really can't teach a little baby to take a shower.. Hahaha.

I miss the pantry. It had a huge walk-in doored-off area and I used that as my Pantry. It was so kickass.

Ah well. I hope Roger doesn't rent it out to young, pot-smoking, drunk-ass Kids like he did with the first floor. Bleh.

Had to have Dan run out and get me more Dish Gloves. I've got really bad Excema on my hands and if I put them anywhere near water without having gloves on, they get so dry and start cracking and bleeding all over the place. Not cool. I seem to go through Gloves like nuts though. I suspect it's when I'm washing the silverware. I must get jabbed with a knife when I'm reaching into the bubble-filled sink and not notice until later, but next thing I know the fingers of the gloves are filled with water.. Ugh. 

We had yummeh "Throw Up Chicken" for dinner, and the Kids are getting ready to take their bath. I'll be getting the cookies started shortly. Woot.

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