This is my first entryi!i!

Im Cari..

That's my real name..Im an expectant mother of my estimated 8 week old baby.


I go on June 27th to find out the actual age and all that good stuff.

I know im young (Wayy young) to be having a child, but it happened and there is no since in crying or complaining over something that can't be undone..Not that I want it to AL ALL... im actually really excited about this whole experience (other than the morning sickness;))

My fiance Sam is the father of course..he's great and also ecstatic about being a daddy soon enough.

His mom Bobbi is great too, but as far as it go's with my mom....yeaaa?

I think this was pretty sufficient for a first entry!


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:33 PM Congrats Girl!!  Age is only a number-I had my daughter at 17 and I have had 2 since. All that matters is that you love it and take care of it!!!

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